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four people were killed in the blast and fire. 37 homes were destroyed, 19 homes was substantially damaged and remain on occupied. 321 other homes have been cleared for the families to return. tonight kate thompson is live in san bruno where officials are about to hold a news conference to update the public on their investigation. >> we should be moments away from getting the latest from federal investigators hearing from vice chairman christopher hart from ntsb. he has been doing the app dates every day at 5:00 p.m.. he attended a meeting last night with other federal investigators and local officials and residents filling them in on the latest. his investigators will not take no for an answer and it will be here for as long as it takes to find all the answers they need in their investigation to figure out what went wrong. if they're here to provide an objective and
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unbiased report to figure out why it went wrong when this pipe exploded. he said they do not know the cause yet to and he was questioned by residents who asked him if he would even venture a guess last night and he reduced saying he did not know what went wrong and that's why they're doing exhaustive investigation on the pipeline carrie. he also said this is the second phase of the investigation and this is one hell do interviews and speaking to residents and looking over the documents which have been given to them by pg&e. we're awaiting the news conference i will bring it to you as soon as they get here. >> while we wait for the news conference we should tell you the fourth victim killed in the explosion has now been identified. 81 year-old elizabeth torres this is her picture she died in the fire which consumed her home. three other relatives were seriously hurt and are still in the
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hospital tonight with burn injuries. the others confirmed dead from the explosion are 44 year-old jacqueline and her 13 year-old daughter to nasa and 20 year-old jessica morales. three people missing 17 year-old william bliss and his father. the third person on accounted for is williams grandmother. friends and family have desperately been visiting the evacuation center they've been calling a local hospital so far without any luck. we are hearing from the first responders to this blast. christine conley as a couple blocks away from the initial explosion she joins us live with more on their stories. >> can you can see so emergency crews behind me just to give you a scope of how many people are here at any time carried more than 23 police agencies are here and can over here will show you the fire zone as we take a look here we noticed about an
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hour ago some crews and white has not suits that have been digging through the rubble as investigation continues. we're learning more from the first emergency personnel to respond to the scene. one firefighter fighter we talked to this is his hometown. take a listen to a story. i saw on the news there was a fire in the city and was the back door at of my fire station our response from home and when i arrived. at this time we didn't have any radios or any communication so what we did was ask citizens to drive people with second-degree burns on their arms and face to the hospital. at this time we try to get one of far reserves into operation. it we started our attack on fairmont and concord and held their grounds. we stayed there till about 9:00 a.m. in the morning where we
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were relieved by fresh crews it was one of the hardest things i had to do. this is like my family the neighbors they walk their dogs we save 78 day in and day out and if you only imagine that happens to your neighbor and year-old block it's a horrible feeling. it's very hard to believe what i do go home to my family because i feel obligated to i feel like part of me is being left behind. >> can hear them that a motion coming from the fire fighters who first responded to the scene many of them responding to people that they knew as well. coming up at 5:30 p.m. you will hear from some of the police officers staffers responded to the tragedy. reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. >> again we're waiting for news conference from federal officials once that begins we will bring it to live. meantime kron 4 has obtained the audio of litigation between fire and
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dispatch and the first frantic moments after that explosion last thursday. >> were going to disconnect hose lines and back up and savor position to we get water. every company's that's back their back them up into position. how were your resources over there? i have resources but i have no water, water mains are out to i have the air truck, three engines. it we have houses were still in the evacuation mode and marking houses appeare. water ig to be a problem. copy that,
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claremont and davis. >> medical i have a couple medical calls pending. >> have the resources i don't know if we'll have access to get to the location go ahead and give me the address. >> glenn and plymouth, copy. we have to three burn victims there. >> to listen to all of the emergency audio exchanges had tore website at again we are awaiting the news conference from federal investigators we will bring it to live we'll be right back after this break. heavy duty truck,
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the news conference has started. >> that will be very helpful in our investigation one of the things were trying to find out is, was the pipes did it fail? catastrophically or did tell us a pinhole leak with gas coming out and then beating the air and having a spark from someplace. if it failed catastrophically that means it's unlikely there will be a gas smell if it failed by virtue of a leak with cast meeting air then there would be a small gas. that's an
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important factor for us in order to determine the mechanism of failure of the pipe. i put out ace, if anyone still gas of the time or just before this occurred and called anybody pg&e or 911 or the puc or anybody please let authorities know where please let us know on the e-mail address which is san the pipes are now on their way back to shingt probably somewhere in mid continent to the left in the wee hours of this morning. we are developing the timeline of events to determine about 30 years ago 1982 there was a pipeline that failure in san francisco also in some of the recommendations we made in that related to response
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to emergencies in particular making sure that responders are properly trained to respond to emergency and make sure the bells that needed to be turned off had been exercised and functional. a couple of the issues will be looking at in this accident relate to how quickly and how effectively they responded in that's one of the reasons of the timeline is so important for us. it is taking well to compile that because the time line comes from several sources each facility in the system has its own time line. it we are still not finished preparing that timeline. as a mention of just coming from of visit from a terminal that has the equipment that controls and monitors the pipeline that comes up the peninsula and as we speak the investigators are down they're learning a great extent of detail about how that system works and how monitors and controls all the aspects we need to know. the will be future
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visits to other systems the acronym for the system and we will be visiting the other status systems that are pertinent in addition will be looking at the two valves on both sides of this event to determine the condition of the valves and to find out all we need to know about how long it was taken to turn the ball soften things of that sort we will also start in the next bear to conducting witness interviews including interviews of people who send us e-mail us. anybody who indicated they wanted to be contacted as more permission we will include those in the witness interviews. the first witnesses, interviewed will be the people from piccinni believe the people who were operating the pipeline to the various locations. this is our last daily press briefing for additional information going
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forward at the phone number would be where you would call 202, 314, 6100. the investigators are not leaving they will still be here there will be here as long as it takes to to do what they need to do on scene which i estimate will be a week or so. they will be here but this will be our last they'll leave me a briefing. with that i be happy to take any questions you might have. >> (no audio) >> i meant to repeat the question the question is about the timeline it took an hour and a 47 minutes to turn off the valves and that's the time line that i'm referring to that we're now developing and it's taking a while because it comes from several sources. we will be
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ascertaining that we don't know the answer yet. are the vals manual, the two bells on both side of this event are about a mile an mile and a half away their manual valves said to be manually turn offer on. how did it turned off and on? they're in secured location is so they are protected behind fences and have to have a key to get into the protected area and attach the valve handle to the valve stem and manually turn the bells on and off. the one person who said they called piccinni this was two or three weeks ago the person smelled gas and coal beachy any and pg&e responded to that call. we will be following
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up about as well. is there evidence that suggested that it to happen or did napa we will find that out when we get in touch with this person conducted an interview. other e-mail's four varieties of things some people who submitted some video and that's helpful to because that's one of the other requests that i made if anyone had video or people who just talked about general but not related to this event we have a variety of the e-mail's. we'd think the people who provided those but we still need to find out if anybody smelled gas and made a call about it. the question is what was the nature to getting access to the valve? that will be part
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of the interview process will find that out of the people who did that we know it was rush hour on a weeknight so the traffic was tight but that will be one of the issues will explore your interviews with the people who did it. as part of review we will find out exactly what happened to the extent there were time delays and what was the cause of that. have they mention the traffic? we have been interviewed them i know was that time of day will find out from them what they're not that was or play a role in the time to respond. where exactly in the pipe to fill your car? i don't know the answer to that yet we won't know until we do the detailed examination carried
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that's one of the reasons why it's important for us to find out the more we know about what there was a catastrophic failure verses a pinhole leak failure the more that will help us with that determination carrie. the's more risk than one system will be interviewing witnesses and doing other things are still getting documents so the will be document examination an extensive list of activities the be undertaking. the question was about the accident in 1982 i frankly don't remember what type of accident was i remember was in san francisco proper. the question was the manual valve is
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that the industry standard there are many types of valves big fowls there's a different industry and for small balls will be looking at these roald nelson as you know this i was put in 1956 the miter standing is this is typical for the industry for this type of golf. if there's a pinhole leak how long would it take to build up? that depends on the circumstances it is a leak that the gas it has to me was some oxygen and meet with an ignition source and we've had some accidents were pipe ruptured and the material inside the pipe weatherbee-as a liquid never ignited. it depends on a number of factors. jorge what will be looking for the pipes will be
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doing a detailed examination in the middle lab in order to help us determine the mechanism of the failure. if we want to know for example where is it related to fatigue which could happen because of the pipe changing pressure from time to time which could cause the to expand and contract. it could lead to fatigue or was it because of corrosion or was it because of impact to with excavation we know that's a common cause a pipeline to failure. that's when his excavation and something hits the pipe and physically damages that. that's what will be doing in the lab. one more question please the question is should residents and other cities with this pipeline the concerned? we're only looking at the specific events and is
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location but in the course of doing not if we see systemic issues that require response beyond this immediate location we will say so and as i repeatedly say if we see immediate issues the require response before we're done with our investigation will immediately issue recommendations as well. it thinking very much. >> but listen to a news conference from christopher hart with the ntsb, he stressed two points won their trying to determine to the pipeline fail catastrophically or was are pinhole leak with the gas that was some house barked. the second thing he said it is very important for investigators to hear from anyone who smelled gasoline prior to thursday's explosion last week. we will be back with a lot more stay with us.
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new details tonight serrate is freed brand decided to let her go after the uc-berkeley grad spent 14 months in prison there. she is one of the three u.s. hiker's arrested last year accused of spying. >> a few fleeting images of sarai she got ready to board a plane to freedom. it did not happen tell her bail was paid $500,000. american officials say neither u.s. government or the hikers families paid it. iranian reporters at sarah about her release. >> i want to offer my thanks to
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everyone all of the government, all the people and especially want to address i'm grateful and humbled by this. >> did not mention her two companions still in prison. and this was a scene last may when all three americans were allowed visits with their mothers. chef at sears fiancee apparently are not being released anytime soon. iran's chief prosecutor talked about stairs release on television. >> they issued the release order and cerro was simply set free entry to leave for ron she wants to. >> speculations' tonight that the country abroad and pay the they'll that's when she rushed into the arms of our mothers you hours ago. cerus is said to spend all her free time working for the release of for two friends left behind. we'll be right back.
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sunny skies and a little warmer today. but the warming trend will continue into the next couple of days speaking on thursday. will see slight warming in our inland spots at around the bay shores but still the morning fog and afternoon sun. big changes in store the chance of showers for the weekend. temperatures will " at the chance of showers pushes and but towards the end of the weekend things were right back up. it still with us will be right back after this

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